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Learning Center

Training Classes and Seminars

At Pacific Janitorial Supply we offer a variety of educational classes and Seminars. We offer training throughout the year at our training center in Santa Clara, or we can customize a class to meet your needs and bring the classes to your facility.

Classes are available in English and Spanish

Classes offered:

  • Green Seal Certified(IICRC) Certification CoursesWindow Cleaning
  • Carpet Care
  • (IICRC) Certification Courses
  • Hard Floor Care
  • Stone Care
  • Safety and Understanding MSDS
  • Green Cleaning

Video Library

Pacific Janitorial Supply offers a video library for our customers to rent. These videos are a great training tool. If you don't train, you won't gain! Waiting to train yourself and your staff is not the answer. Now is the time. Let us help you keep up with the many changing cleaning applications and procedures.

Videos are $ 5.00 each for a 4 day period. A deposit of the retail value of the video is required with a major credit card. An additional $ 1.25 a day will be charged for everyday the video is late. Videos are due by 5:00 pm of the fourth day. Videos that are due on a Saturday or Sunday are due Monday by 10:00 am.

Preferred Customers are eligible to barrow videos at no charge.

Item # Description
VT-101 Cleaning Basics A to Z
VT-102 Interior Office building Cleaning Part I

Interior Office building Cleaning Part II

VT-104 Maintaining Janitorial Equipment
VT-105 Basic Restroom Cleaning
VT-106 Resilient Floor Care
VT-107 High Speed Floor Care
VT-108 Window Cleaning
VT-109 Carpet Care Methods Part I
VT-110 Carpet Care Methods Part II
VT-111 Cleaning Techniques/Clean Room Maintenance

VT-101Cleaning Basics A to Z

60 minutes

A 60 minutes training video with 18 three minute training segments covering the most common duties performed by custodians and janitors in all types and sizes of facilities. Easy to follow, step by step procedures show actual cleaners in real-life work situations. This is a favorite with employers, customers and supervisors.

  • Carpet & Floor Care
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Shower & Locker Rooms
  • Safety & Equipment Care

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VT-102Interior Office building Cleaning Part I

Interior office cleaning Part I covers theory and practice of cleaning offices: it also can be applied to building lobbies, entrances, employee rest areas, lounges, conference rooms, training rooms, and office work areas. This video also discusses other topics such as building security, access procedures, dependability, reporting malfunctions of fixtures and equipment, customer relations and personal contact.

  • Getting ready to clean.
  • Empty ash trays pick up debris.
  • Dust horizontal surfaces.
  • Spot clean walls, knobs, plants.
  • Vacuum carpet and mop floors.
  • Inspect work and correct problems.

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VT-103Interior Office Building Cleaning Part II

Interior office building cleaning part II explains proper cleaning procedures for carpeted floors, resilient floors, under floor protectors, door knobs, and electrical switch plates, furniture and accessories, walls, doors, partitions, and windows, window ledges, and bookcase shelves, walls, wall hangings and wood paneling, telephones, drinking fountains, plus working around computers! This video also underscores the importance of inspecting work.

  • Cleaning cafeterias and lobbies.
  • Never yank plugs from outlets by the cord.
  • How to use an upright vacuum cleaner.
  • Lost items must be given to supervisor.
  • Never use alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • When leaving each room, turn out the lights.
  • Lock doors specified by the supervisor.
  • End shift duties at the custodial closet.

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VT-104Maintaining Janitorial Equipment

14 minutes

Demonstrates proper procedures for loading custodial carts, maintaining equipment, managing the custodial closet and using cleaning supplies. Shows   how these preparations improve efficiency, simplify custodial tasks and help avoid subsequent errors. Discusses each of these specific subjects:

  • Supply closet
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Chemical supplies
  • Supply item care
  • Dust mops
  • Wet mops
  • Buckets and wringers
  • Custodial carts
  • Power equipment
  • Floor machines

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VT-105Basic Restroom Cleaning

21 minutes

Basic restroom cleaning describes the liquid methods of cleaning a restroom. and recommends that abrasive powders be avoided. Discusses odor control, drain maintenance and loading of dispensers, and then concludes with subject of "end shift" duties. Outlines nine-step restroom cleaning program:

  • Prepare supplies and equipment.
  • Replace all expendable supplies.
  • Pick up litter and trash.
  • Clean and sanitize basins.
  • Clean and sanitize commodes and urinals.
  • Clean mirrors, polish all bright work.
  • Spot-clean walls, ledges, vents and partitions.
  • Sweep, dust mop and wet mop floors.
  • Inspect work, correct any errors.

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VT-106Resilient Floor Care

18 minutes

This presentation demonstrates the proper procedures for maintaining high-gloss, scuff-free, beautiful hard floors. It emphasizes the value of using clean equipment and mixing chemicals accurately. Starting with an organized custodial closet, it covers:

  • Dust control (with walk-off mats)
  • Dust mopping (at least once-a-day)
  • Damp mopping (for ground-in dirt)
  • Wet scrubbing (for heavier soils)
  • Spray buffing (for a brighter gloss)
  • Stripping (to remove build-ups)
  • Neutralizing (to remove alkalinity)
  • Resealing (2 coats)
  • Refinishing (2 coats)
  • That all-important final clean-up!

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VT-107High Speed Floor Care

18 minutes

Here is a complete, professional programmed approach to help you maintain that brilliant wet look on hard floors. It will also help you save time and money, avoid problems and emergencies and promote a strong positive image for your facility. The following floor care procedures are featured:

  • Burnishing
  • Spray buffing
  • Mop-on gloss restoration
  • Auto scrubbing

As well as stripping, neutralizing, resealing, refinishing, dust mopping and damp mopping. The value of safety practices, proper clean-up and an organized custodial closet is stressed.

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VT-108Window Cleaning

18 minutes

An indispensable guide to the techniques used to clean interior and exterior windows-including specialty windows and mirrors-in less time with less effort.

  • The "straight" method
  • The "swirl" method
  • How to "cut an edge"
  • How to handle a swivel-head or conventional-head strip washer
  • The use of a synthetic brush, bristle brush and scraper as well as various extension poles and squeegees.

It also emphasizes the need for lint-free cloths and properly labeled equipment, plus the value of an organized custodial closet.

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VT-109Carpet Care Methods Part I

23 minutes

This video demonstrates an 8-step method for cleaning carpets and protecting this valuable building asset. Featured in this video are three of the five methods of cleaning carpets including hot water extraction, rotary floor machine, and the spin pad method.

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VT-110Carpet Care Methods Part II

16 minutes

The methods covered in this video include dry foam carpet cleaning and dry chemical carpet cleaning. Quality control issues are also addressed.

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VT-111Cleaning Techniques/Clean Room Maintenance

15 minutes

This video shows how to clean ceilings, lights, windows, walls, corners, fixtures, pipes, ledges, work stations, vents, chairs, shelves, cabinets, conveyors, racks and air showers. Discusses PVA sponge, C/R equipment, air flow systems, curtain walls, gray rooms, electrical cautions, sticky floors, trash removal, entry and exit procedures.

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